A simple Chrome extension that enables you to check with one click which Facebook profiles are fake!

Get rid of malevolent or malicious users and protect yourself from hackers on Facebook.


Behavior Analysis

FAKE FB utilizes an advanced “Behavior Analysis” micro-system that realizes if the profile of the candidate that requests to be your new friend is nominal and looks like a standard/typical real profile.

This “Behavior Analysis” micro-system evaluates all the data using heuristic and statistical models. Information that is being checked in the early assessment steps includes:


1. Time that the profile exists
2. Number of friends
3. Activity
4. Photos and other material
5. Relations with common or other friends

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Identity Model

FAKE FB evaluates other technical details and produces a statistical model based on a Pointing System. This system is based on statistically weighted factors that affect positively or negatively a pre-result and by that we get a Virtual Profile that we call Identity Model.

The model is being processed and produces a Factor. This factor is then compared with an internal Threshold. If the factor is over the threshold the profile is marked FAKE otherwise ORIGINAL.

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User-centric Algorithm

FAKE FB calculates all the special features of the profile that belongs to the user who runs it. This way the system takes into consideration all the particularities and redefines on-demand whether a candidate friend is fake or not from your perspective.

Dramatically Fast

FAKE FB needs just 1.0 – 1.3 seconds to evaluate a profile and inform the user for the result.

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